Iulia ANTON, A. DORNEANU, Geanina BIREESCU, Carmen SÎRBU, Venera STROE, Adriana GRIGORE None
The practice of modern agriculture, sustainable, requires a lot of professional competence, and permanent monitoring of vegetation factors, among which those of nutrition have an important role (Davidescu et al., 1992). In order to optimize the nutrient regime in soil-plant system were created in the INCDPAPM - ICPA Bucharest in collaboration with ICB – Iasi science research to test on products with foliar application for their inclusion in the list allowed to use of fertilizers in Romanian agriculture. Research was conducted in 2010, in the University of Agronomic and Veterinary Science and Medicine, Iasi, experimental field of the SDE V. Adamachi (horticultural farm Adamachi and Ezăreni ranch) the have proposed specially taste productive efficiency on four fertilizing products. The testing methodology consisted of those products by foliar application (fine spray on plants) in three treatments, as dilute solutions in concentrations of 0.1 - 1.0% and the amount (volume) of 500 liters solution / ha. The first treatment was applied 2 weeks after seedling planting and the two others at weeding at 14 days between them. The soil on which they are located the experiences are hortic antrosol and cambic chernozem from the SDE USAMV, Iasi , with a potential for high fertility. The main physical and chemical qualities of soil are presented both in unfertilized control variant, but sprinkled with water, and also for highly productive variants, foliar fertilized. For the experimental vegetable field cambic chernozem I prepared a sheet on specific ecological, with 20 major ecological factors and determinants, soil and climatic on site specific, regional and local (the steppe of the NE region) wich were enrolled in eight classes of size quantitative and six qualitative grades  on environmental favorability. Following research has found that foliar fertilizers used to tomato, Izmir cultivar, during vegetation plants, provide significant production increases statistically both in solar and in field, compared with control unfertilized.
tomato, foliar fertilizers, environmental
Presentation: oral