Gheorghe Craioveanu, Violeta Carigoiu, Lucica Sîrbu None
The purpose of the research was establishing the quantity of mobilized phosphorus within the acid soils, the quantity of mobilized phosphorus by neutralizing the acidity and the quantity of phosphorus that must be supplementary administrated in order to reach an optimal supply for the soil. The results are a synthesis of the specific analytical data that resulted from the studies and the soil researches made at 1:10000 scale; a follow up will be made at a 1:5000 scale. The working procedures both on the field and in laboratory were created by The National Institute for Research and Development for Pedology, Agrochemistry and Environment Protection – I.C.P.A. Bucharest, and the materials that were used are the ones specified by the procedures. The update is done by the correlation between the soil acidity generally regarded and    especially the mobile aluminum and the blocked phosphorus quantity. The specialized documentation underlines the fact that the acidity is blocking the phosphorus without adding any quantitative specifications. For agricultural practice the research results specify the phosphorus quantity that can come out of neutralizing the acidity, as well as the phosphorus add-ins in order to reach an optimal level in the soil. Acyditity neutralization can be done by periodical liming in the  correct amounts. The amendment amount are based on agrochemical studies performed for this purpose. The importance of the present research result from the practical implications, in the sense of saving up a part of the phosphorus necessary for a certain growth (the quantity that is mobilized by neutralization), to which we must add that a range of physical and chemical indexes are also enriched. The soil chemistry data (pH,Ah,SH,Al,P), has been studied on a surface  of 106476 hectares, representing the acid soil surface of Gorj County with a pH smaller than 5.8. The results can be applied for all Romanian soils that are acid due to excess mobile aluminum.
phosphorus mobility; aluminum; acid soils
Presentation: oral