Boja Nicu, Boja Florinel None
The research in cause has as a purpose the identification of the technical means of optimal mechanisation used in the forest nurseries, which are meant to lead to an decrease degree of compaction, a rise of the qualitative level of the processing. The purpose of the research is scientifically motivated through the necessity of introducing new tools for the execution of the works implied for soil preparation about activity settlement . In the last decades at a worldwide level a large quantity of energy was used to reduce the negative influences of soil compaction, because of the human activity influence. This research is justified in the existence of compacted soil, with a poor settling and a poor development of the roots of forest samplings. Soil compaction assumes volume compression of the soil under the action of external factors. As solid particles can not be compressed, the air pockets between them reduce and therefore through compaction the dimensions of the pores is modified, their distribution and also the soil durability. The degree of compaction of the soil can be estimated thru apparent density, total porosity and degree of settling . So as to trigger the achievement of the purpose mentioned-above, there were established the following main objectives: - The determination of the influence of different methods of soil processing on some physical and mechanical properties as describe soil bearing (apparent density, total porosity and degree of settling ); - The parallel analysis of the influence of the processing system on the soil compaction. The researches were made in the forest nursery of Iarac, following the influence of the tillage system over the soil bearing . The tillage systems that were applied were classic system (classical plough + 2X disks) and a minimal system (paraplow + rotary harrow). Samples were taken in their natural setting with metallic cylinder of 100 cm 3 , to determine some physical characteristics on four depths, for each sample there were completed six repetitions, harvested after each technical finished work. The degree of novelty resides in the fact that the soil bearing can be characterized with the help of some physical and mechanical properties of the samples taped from different depths after each technical tilling made, observing concurrently the influence of the soil preparation system over the compaction. The utility of this paper is justified by the research data collected, processed, analyzed and made valuable in order to offer a pertinent material for study, which could be thus used by the specialists in the projection of the process of preparation of the germination bed according to the chosen processing system. From the analysis of the results obtained during the research carried on and presented here, we may distinguish some original contributions in the domain of soil processing and in the way of determining the soil bearing in the process of preparation of the germination bed. This paper is important because it offers concrete values of some physical and mechanical properties, which direct influence about soil bearing , resulted after each technical work of preparation of the soil in a classical tillage system and in a minimum tillage system.
compaction; technical work; compression degree
Presentation: oral