Silvia Barbu, Carmen Moisa, Dragoslav Vlad Mircov None
Coşava is a very intense wind (which sometimes touches 25-30m/s), with a foehn character (the direction of air is perpendicular to the massive mountainous orientation), that blows in the south of the country, along the Danube to the Cazane, and in the south of the Banat region. It direction is generally from south-east toward north-west, and sometimes just the east. This wind appears in the situation which across Romania there is a maximum baric and across Hungarian and Serbia activates a depression, the conditions of a prevailing southern circulation. Coşava is a warm and dry wind which causes the melt of snow in a few days, and maintain, nights after nights minimum temperatures higher then in other regions. The distinguish intensity of the winds frequently produce frost on the ground and the rime early in autumn or late in spring, and seldom fogs.
Cosava; intense wind; early rime; late rime; foehn
Presentation: oral