Ana Mariana DINCU, Ioana BĂLAN, Ramona CIOLAC, R. GHERMAN, Silvia BOBAN None
Specific agricultural production showed very different dynamics, both sector (plant and animal) and the regional profile, depending on the diversity of agro-climatic suitability, and the utilization of production factors. The structure of cultivated areas is a technical indicator of the major influences on economic performance and reflect the share that each culture deals with arable land. It does not take random values, but must be directed strictly according to the demand for food products shown on the agricultural products market. Lowland area of Timis county is occupied by the Western Plain. This is the second largest pool of grain production after the Romanian Plain and the Lower Danube. The structure of grain growing areas have 70-75% share, well above normal values. Typically grain must not exceed the maximum weight of two thirds of the arable land. Among cereal grains, namely wheat, barley, barley, rye and oats together have 40-50% share. Local climatic conditions offer many possibilities for agricultural development. Natural landscape is favorable most types of specific crops and continental temperate zone as a consequence of the West region has extensive agricultural land, Arad and Timis counties topping, in this respect among the first in the country. Cereals is one of the oldest and most important agricultural activity in Arad and Timis counties, which have the largest areas of arable. Romanian agricultural production in general, including the west of the country, turned to grain production, not to put too much problem recovery products. Farmer has no means of production, so that technological support has been achieved and is still performed in the services system. In 2008, global agricultural production calculated in current prices was 2,415,821 thousand. Of that total global production plant is 1,708,457 thousand, which meant 70, 7% of total world production was 674 351 Animal thousand, respectively 27, 9%, and the difference, ie 1.4% is represented by various services of the agriculture holdings. Structure of gross agricultural production in an angrarian economy healthy, normally should take the following value: 48-55% global production plant, animal production 45-52% overall, Romania is still far from these value. We could say that we have developed an agricultural production sector in the Western states of Europe, wehre animal production will exceed the overall 50% share of total gross agricultural production structure.
crop production, area, dynamic, culture, agriculture, surface
Presentation: oral