S.I. HERBAN, Clara-Beatrice VILCEANU None
protection has been, even since ancient times, one of man’s major interests, given the obvious negative impact of anthropic activities on natural environment. For ancient cities the need for clean water supply was a necessity and managing waste became necessary whenever people organized a settlement. It is vital for us to know the ecological state of the world, as well as to determine the dangers that might affect the environment, including the irrational exploitation of natural resources, demographical problems, unsustainable development and climate change. A hazard is a very damaging natural or anthropic phenomenon, whose occurrence is due to the overstepping of safety measures each society has to observe. A hazard turns into a disaster if there are at least 10 human lives lost or 50 people injured and material losses of over a million dollars. New technologies such as GPS or laser scanning have significant potential use in the analysis of natural hazards such as landslides. Relying on the recent advances in the mentioned techniques, this paper aims to present the monitoring of a landslide situated in Slănic Prahova, Romania. The present paper takes the opportunity to use GPS and laser scanner data to attempt an analysis for ground displacements induced by landslide hazard, thus showing its high level of topicality. Moreover, the paper’s originality is given by the fact that, for the monitoring process which is very important in ensuring sustainable development, state of art technology was used The methods and instruments presented in this paper are characteristic to geodetic and topographic engineering. Although varied and very elaborate, these methods have limits, namely they only help monitoring, anticipating and reconstructing after disasters, but they cannot be used to avoid such hazards from taking place. The importance of this paper also lies in stressing the importance of the surveying profession needed for hazard monitoring, in particular landslide monitoring, thus contributing to achieving sustainable development.
sustainable development, landslide monitoring, GPS, laser scanner, hazard.
Presentation: oral