Gabriel Bujancă, Paul Pîrşan, Florin Imbrea, Lucian Botoş None
The research showed that by quick conditioning, the external layers of the grain get better moisture than the internal ones and this type of proportion is being kept in a certain amount until the end of the grinding. The maximum heating of the wheat is determined by the temperature action upon the protean complex. For the wheat with a poor amount of gluten a more powerful heating must be used and for the wheat with normal amount of gluten and mostly for the one with a rich amount the heating must be more reduced. The heating temperature must be established according to the wheat quality and the degree of improvement of the baking features followed by the action of heat when applying the quick conditioningmethod. Steam treatment of the wheat grains is the main composing element of the quick conditioning process that exerts the most intense act on the milling proprieties and wheat baking.
wheat; conditioning; schrot
Presentation: oral